x Youth Music

Glasgow, Scotland
January—June 2022

What is Numbers x Youth Music?

Numbers is a Scotland-based record label and creative collective working across music releases, events, festivals, arts curation and design. In collaboration with Youth Music we are seeking applicants for a six-month work-study programme aimed at young people aged 18-25 interested in entering the music industries, running from January - June 2022.
The programme is open to a total of four participants, who will have the opportunity to develop holistic career skills via paid work experience on a range of Numbers activities alongside a series of practical and educational workshops. This is a grant-funded position paid in line with the Real Living Wage. You will receive £3,000 over the six-month duration, plus a minimum budget of £2,000 for a collaborative project.


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Who are we looking for?

People who:
  • Have a passion for electronic music and a desire to gain experience in the music industries.
  • Are based in Glasgow, or able to commute pending Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Are able to commit a minimum of four hours per week for the six-month duration.
  • Are organised and willing to learn from and collaborate with others.
  • Are aged between 18-25.

What is the wage and hours?

The total wage for the programme is £3,000 per person. This will be paid out in monthly increments. Pending the final schedule, we expect you to work a minimum of four hours per week. There is an additional minimum budget of £2,000 for developing and delivering a collaborative project. We can reimburse an amount of agreed expenses for travel, lunch or additional relevant expenses on working days.

What will you be doing?

The programme is split into two phases. In the first, Numbers will introduce core concepts and structures underpinning activities past, present and future, with a focus on skill and knowledge acquisition, a strong sense of collaboration and feedback, and opportunities to learn directly from artists and music professionals with a range of experiences on topics and themes that align with Numbers projects. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to projects such as upcoming releases, programming for festivals and events in 2022, archival organisation and editorial research and delivery. During this time, you will start to develop and pitch a collaborative project that will form the basis of your time in the second phase, for which you will have access to a separate budget.

In the second phase, you will be paired with another participant, based on shared interests and goals, to execute a collaborative project related to the fields of label management, live and broadcast events, or digital media activities. Numbers will provide support and resources for the development and creation of these projects while enlisting external contributors and mentors to offer feedback on relevant themes.

Equal Opportunities

We are actively seeking to provide opportunities for applicants from diverse backgrounds, especially those who may face bigger barriers when entering the music industries. Although this is not an exhaustive list, several pieces of research have highlighted the increased barriers to entry faced by the following groups, who we encourage to apply:

Women / Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic / Disabled / Less advantaged socio-economic background / Those located outside major cities - suburban, rural, small towns  / Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Non Conforming / Neurodivergent / Non-graduates